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Pomegranates, Punicalagins, and Passion

Posted on Oct 28 by

pomegranate on a cutting board with seeds

  One of the most ancient, interesting, and health promoting fruits in the world is the pomegranate. There are many enchanting stories associated with this red, juicy fruit.  And it holds rich symbolism for many cultures. Pomegranates in Eden? Some believe that Eve tempted Adam, not with the scholarly apple, but with the...


Use Scents to Seduce Her

Posted on Sep 8 by

woman smelling a yellow rose

  The ability to smell developed as we evolved from single-cell organisms into vertebrates.  Although other mammals have a much keener sense of smell than we humans, it was the olfactory evolution that allowed our species to thrive as we used smell to identify life sustaining edibles, find suitable mates, be warned of...


Go Wild to Win Her Heart

Posted on Aug 13 by

  Is the game of wooing her burning a hole in your wallet? All those dinners, drinks, movies,… add up to mega bucks.  And perhaps you aren’t even getting anywhere? If she is still lukewarm after traditional courting rituals, then the way to really stoke her fire is to go wild! Don’t let the picture of Tarzan...


Salt, Sex, and Your Adrenals

Posted on Aug 3 by

salt and salt shaker

  So, what does the salt shaker have to do with your libido?  Nothing. It’s the salt that matters. The connection between stress and the negative effect it has on your ability to enjoy astonishing sex is well documented, but did you know that ingesting the wrong type of salt can also add to your stress level while...


Testosterone, Foods and Attraction

Posted on Jul 24 by

Testosterone Molecule

Testosterone: The He-Hormone and Attraction Do guys who have higher levels of testosterone emit a more inviting scent? Since women have a finer sense of smell, are they more attracted to these he-hormone dudes? Can you boost your testosterone with food? Yes, yes, and yes. Studies have shown that men with more testosterone...


Sunlight, Food, and Vitamin D: How to Get Your Daily Dosage

Posted on Jul 17 by

Frittata in a skillet

    On my last post, you learned how to Practice Safe Sun and get your vitamin D.  This week, we are going to look at a few other intriguing facts about the sunshine vitamin and also foods that have it. Just to recap, the best way to get your D is through sunshine.  You could accumulate as much as 10,000 IU in 20...