Hungry for Food, Seduction, and Satisfaction?

You’re the type of guy that has your eyes on the prize. Whether you’ve been on a few dates already, or you’ve only spotted your dream girl yesterday, you are already planning the big date that will win her over.

Do you want to melt away her reserves and get her in your house: admiring your books, swaying to your favorite songs, getting the private tour of your bedroom?  Well, the way to sway her is with a temptation we all give in to three times a day: the sensuous lure of a good meal.

If  you want to get into her…

…heart, the secret is sexy food!
That’s right, men, cook her a romantic dinner for two!

Girls go ga-ga for a guy who knows how to cook.  It stimulates her senses (and yours). Moreover, it tells her what kind of man you are. A willingness to get in the kitchen is a sign that you’re confident in your masculinity. And actually knowing what you’re doing in there signals to her that you’re a capable guy who’s picked up a few tricks.
And you’re not just going to ask her over. You’re going to seduce her with the most scintillating, scrumptious meal she’s ever had. You’re going to satisfy her hunger and desire with an intimate meal she deserves; give her the sexy date that will make her want to treat you back. Are you ready to show her you’re confident and capable?

From lusty Italian lasagna to hot and spicy Mexican molé to enchanting Vietnamese or Thai dishes perfumed with basil and ginger, you can bring the world of exotic edibles into your kitchen and use it as your tool for seduction.

Picture this:

She enters and smells the heady fragrance of cardamom, coriander, and cumin mingling intently together. The wafting molecules send an instant message to her brain: “Something yummy is coming my way!” Her olfactory pathway opens, which arouses her limbic system that in turn triggers primal desires.

Are you ready to Cook to Seduce?