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Couple experiencing the benefits of kissing

Kiss long and deep

Kissing Facts 101

Today we have some kissing facts that will remind you of the benefits of kissing…as if you need extra encouragement to pursue this seductive art. Now who’s ready for Kissing Facts 101?

Lips for Arousal

Our lips are composed of the most sensitive skin on the body and all the nerve cells contained within those two curved vermillion gates act as entry points to extreme erotic pleasure, when they are stimulated by kissing.

According to anthropologist Ashley Montagu, “The lips and the external genitalia are especially well-supplied with concave, disk-like branched sensory nerve endings.”

Those very sensitive sensory nerve endings signal messages to the brain, leading to a cascade of neuro-chemicals that trigger arousal.

Why Do People Kiss? 

Kissing is thought to have evolved from passing food from one mouth to another, as in a parent pre-masticating food to feed a child.

Although we don’t feed mouth to mouth as adults, perhaps there is still a part of us that longs for the nourishment contained within a kiss. The sustenance of affection and love is perhaps the best nourishment of all.

Kissing Benefits

When lovers kiss, a rush of dopamine is released while cortisol, the stress hormone, decreases. Dopamine is that feel-good chemical we all crave, and is also the pre-cursor to epinephrine and norapinephrine, two other important chemicals that help to increase arousal through stimulating blood flow and heart rate. In addition, oxytocin, the “chemical of love” and bonding is also pumping out during smooching.

However, in order for these powerful chemicals to be released, a kiss needs to go on for at least ten seconds. So don’t just pucker up for a lackluster peck. Go slow with a lingering kiss.

Kissing Burns Calories

We generally think of a kiss as being tender, soft, and romantic. However, the act of pursing your lips and touching them to another does involve the applications of your muscles. It’s actually a workout that involves 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles, AND it burns 2-3 calories per minute!

Experts who specialize in facial muscle regeneration recommend the act of kissing to keep your entire face toned and to lessen signs of aging.

You might be obsessed with flexing your abs, but don’t forget your face!

In short, gents: kiss often, kiss long, and kiss deep!

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