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Tarzan Lord of the apes 12" custom figure


Is the game of wooing her burning a hole in your wallet?
All those dinners, drinks, movies,… add up to mega bucks.  And perhaps you aren’t even getting anywhere?
If she is still lukewarm after traditional courting rituals, then the way to really stoke her fire is to go wild!

Don’t let the picture of Tarzan mislead you. (I just put that up because I thought it was kinda cute.)
While it is true that evolution has made women gravitate towards men who have survival skills, you definitely do not need to dawn
a loincloth and swing from vine to vine, or learn to hunt a boar with a bow and arrow.
For all you suburban-techno-indoor types, going “wild” is easier than you think.  I’m talking about foraging.
You’ll be amazed at what a little wild foraging can do to stimulate and heighten her feelings for you.  It signals that you have a certain degree of ingenuity
and resourcefulness. And let’s face it, bringing your sweetheart a treat  you’ve personally taken time and care to gather from the “wild” is so darn charming, AND it doesn’t cost you a dime.  Trust me, this is a tactic that will get you far.

You can start right in your own neighborhood or park.  There are many edible plants right under your nose. All you need to do is look around.
Please do be mindful when you gather, though.  Remember, pick with sustainability in mind, so don’t decimate the plant.  Only take a little, and use a sharp knife or scissors. Using a paper bag for your finds is also better than using a plastic one.

 Top Five Things to Forage:

Here are my top five things to look for in the Bay Area during late summer:

picking blackberries



1) Blackberries
They often thrive in thickets with full or partial sun, and are particularly
abundant near coastal areas. Pick only the berries which have turned dark purple/black.
They are high in vitamin C, and fiber.
Wonderful served with fresh whipped cream!





2) Purslane.
Succulent and tasty, with flavors of lemon, capers, and…I am at a lost for a third description.
Just try it for yourself.
They are also packed with omega 3s, potassium, and vitamin C.
(I found this wonderful article on how to forage for purslane by Penny of Penniless Parenting.
Check it out before you hunt for this deliciously nutritious edible.)
I love to add raw purslane to egg salads, or saute with onions and bacon.

orange and yellow nesturtiums



3) Nasturtiums
Bright and beautiful. Add them to a salad.  They have a surprisingly spicy, tangy flavor.
They also contain carotenoids which are powerful antioxidants.

Add them to salads for a stunning garnish.




seaweed on the beach


4) Seaweed
Think of seaweed as the garden of Neptune.
You can find several different types on the beach.
Once you’ve gathered them, be sure to dry them completely in the sun.
Once dried, it can store for up to six months.
Great source of iodine and minerals.  Also helps to remove heavy metals from the body.



bouquet of herbs and nasturtium

a foraged bouquet


5) Herbs: Thyme, rosemary, lavender with a few nasturtiums (OK, that’s actually four items, but I am putting herbs in one category.)

Just to proof to you that it is super easy, I went out for a walk in my hood, which is right in the heart of the city and managed to gather these aromatic herbs plus the colorful flowers for a sweet little bouquet, in just 15 minutes.
Next time you go on a date, give her
a foraged, hand-tied bouquet, and feel her melt into your arms.

You can use foraged herbs to roast a chicken or add to soups.
My favorite is to make an herb salt with a mortar and pestle, then rub on meats for grilling or baking.

A Few Foraging Tips

  • Refrain from gathering where there’s heavy car traffic.  As the plants may contain heavy metals and other toxins.
    According to foraging expert, “Wildman” Steve Brill, about 50 feet away from area of heavy traffic makes it safer to gather.
  • Choose plants growing on a slope or higher up from the ground, away from where dogs like to mark their territory.
  • Only eat what you can identify with 100% certainty.
  • Although mushrooms are wonderful and tempting, DO NOT harvest them unless you are an expert at identifying edible fungi.
    Getting poisoned puts a real damper on your romancing efforts.
    (There are great classes and clubs that you can join such as the Mycological Society of San Francisco.)

Foraging Guidance

If you are just not sure about being able to identify wild edibles and want some guidance:
Forage SF  Offers wild walk classes and regular dinners featuring foraged edibles.
“Wildman” Steve Brill is the premiere expert on foraging.  His website is a wealth of information, and he has written excellent books on the topic, too.)
Hank Shaw is another foraging expert and hunter. Check out his latest book: Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast.

So, take advantage of the wild harvests of summer to win her heart!

Your kitchen seduction ally,


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