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Of all the tools that a man needs in the kitchen, the mortar and pestle is perhaps the most sexy and definitely useful. In fact, if you recognize the two parts as being symbols of the masculine and feminine principles, than it can be an existential orgasmic experience, every time you use it.

Need a little help to get the concept, and get excited?

The mortar is the round, open receptor waiting to be filled; and the pestle is the hard, cylindrical instrument used to pound, churn, and grind. You’re in control with a mortar and pestle set, as it allows you to adjust the friction and pressure. The manual grinding process gently releases the oils, and flavor essences of the ingredients, and when done with care you will create a product that is far more flavorful than one made with an electrical food processor or grinder. And as you enjoy the repeated circular gyrations of the hard pestle circling the round mortar, the heat and motion releases volatile compounds from the spices and herbs; filling your olfactory pathway with aromatic droplets of volatile compounds that will heighten your senses. This entire act contributes profoundly to the final enjoyment of the meal that you will share with her!

The M & P is an ancient tool that has been traced to the Tehuacan Valley of Mexico, where it was in use some 6,000 years ago. A close cousin to the Neolithic version is still alive today in the form of a molcajete (see image below).
Various versions of the M & P have also been used by the Romans, Egyptians, and Native American Indians. And for centuries, it was the main pharmacological tool of apothecaries, with which they used to grind medicinal plants and concoctions.

Three different types of mortar & pestle:
Large = molcajete (from Mexico, made of volcanic rock), Medium = suribachi (from Japan, mortar is made of ceramic with a wooden pestle), Small = standard (made of marble).

In the kitchen, a M & P set is the perfect tool with which to make spice mixtures, pastes, pestos, and salsas when you desire optimal flavor, and texture. It is also the best equipment to use when you want to make the perfect quantity for two servings. (Electrical food processors are great for large quantities, but can be quite ineffective when only a small amount of ingredients are required.)

Now, are you ready to pound, churn, and grind?

Here are two very easy recipes involving the mortar & pestle:

1. Recipe 1

2. Recipe 2

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