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woman smelling a yellow rose

Seduce with scents


The ability to smell developed as we evolved from single-cell organisms into vertebrates.  Although other mammals have a much keener sense of smell than we humans, it was the olfactory evolution that allowed our species to thrive as we used smell to identify life sustaining edibles, find suitable mates, be warned of danger, and heighten sensual pleasures.  Of the five senses, smell is the one which affects the brain most directly. It is a straight line of communication from our nose to our brain. And in our long, and precarious journey from hominins to modern homo sapiens, women have not only developed a keener sense of taste, but smell as well.  Instead of feeling cheated by this turn of evolutionary event, use it to your advantage.  Use smell as a tool of allurement, and arouse her most basic, primal instinct.


Smell and Taste are Linked

The perception of flavor is actually a combination of smell and taste.  The truth is that 90% of what we think is taste is due to our ability to smell.  When a person gets a cold,  he can’t taste very well.
Try this out for yourself: Hold your nose while chewing a strawberry flavored jelly bean, you won’t taste the  fruitiness until you release your nostrils and allow teaming of taste and smell to activate your palate fully.

Of the five senses, it is smell which directly affects our memory and emotions in such a way that it actually bypasses the “rational” part of the brain.  In other words, even in our cyber-spaced out, hyper-modern, techno-obsessed 21st Century, it is still the ancient, primal olfactory pathway which has the most potent effect on our moment to moment behaviors, because smell stimulates the limbic system which in turn governs our emotions and motivation.
According to Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, author of Scentsational Sex: The Secret to Using Aroma for Arousal “Touch, sound, and sight are processed on the left side of the brain, the center of rational thinking. Smell is processed on the right, the center that controls emotion and creativity.”
And most importantly, pertaining to our desire to seduce with scents, Dr. Hirsch goes on to say, “…our feeling of affection and our sexual attraction are right-brain activities.”  (Hirsch, p. 23-24)

It is universally recognized that women are much more emotionally charged then men.  The x chromosome keepers are sensitive creatures, with sensitive noses.

So gents, sexual attraction is driven by smell much more than you think (or is it when you do not think?). And smell affects the limbic system, and the limbic system governs emotions, and women are emotional, and sex is an emotion before it becomes an action.  Hey, all you mathematicians out there, are you adding this up?

Set the Scene for Seduction with Scents

She enters and smells the heady fragrance of cardamom, coriander,  and cumin mingling intently together  A message is immediately sent to her brain: something yummy is in my immediate future.  Well guys, on one level, it’s the food; but on another subconscious level,  it’s really the eventual nocturnal romance that will satisfy her ultimate hunger.
It’s easy, so easy when you employ the olfactory sense to do your bidding.

Foreplay is all about setting the scene, Gentlemen.  Does your girl ever complain about not having enough foreplay?  Why not start the minute she walks through the door?  The act of seduction becomes a fine art when you can use subtle, unobtrusive, spicy, subliminal triggers to awaken desire.

Wafting molecules suspended on the invisible buoyancy of air enters her olfactory pathway, stimulates her limbic system, and triggers primal longing.  She’s hungry.
Are you ready to cook?  Try my aromatic and tasty Coconut Chicken Stew with Duet of Spices.  Or browse through the recipe gallery for more seductive recipes.
Let me know how it goes.

Your kitchen seduction ally,




Hirsch, Alan. Scentsational Sex, Boston: Element Books, Inc. 1998.




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